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Chimneys can cause a variety of problems relating to family health and home fire hazards. An inspected or relined chimney can give you the peace of mind and security your family deserves.

St. Nicholas Chimney Service, founded in 1975, understands your concerns and will provide the quality and affordable service your home deserves. Call us now for a free consultation. No risk, no obligation. Just friendly assistance in keeping your home safe.

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to learn more about our installation process.

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Call St. Nicholas today and talk to our experienced technicians. We are happy to guide you through the entire relining process.

Our goal is to:  Make All Chimneys Safe Again!

We Specialize in:
  Relining for Gas & Oil Furnaces   Insurance Claims
  Relining for Wood Stoves   Expert Technicians
  Relining for Fireplaces   Safety First
All Work Completed to N.F.P.A.* Codes
*National Fire Protection Association